Custom apps are the apps which is used in their businesses for a specific user or group of users within an organization to address their need. If a company is engaged in business (B2B) and business to customer (B2C), then sales cloud including custom apps is the service your sales team needs. Initially data use to be saved which use to be stored in their website pages which are build in spreadsheets. But that is not enough! Creating an application for business purpose is very convenient in many ways.

Many businesses are realizing this fact that there are many benefits in creating a custom app for their organization. Most of the business employees have reported that their budget has increased by creating a custom app and some organizations are planning to invest in new app development. A custom app lets you handle all the errors or work that is been done by many sectors in an organization.

There are various types of platforms that lets you customize your business applications interface while they take care of the back-end process such as uptime, server infrastructure, security etc. So, why businesses are creating a custom app? The data which we provide to customers or the companies collect various kinds of data which is being used all the time. when all this data is stored in your custom application then you can analyse and present your data more efficiently There are various types of custom applications.

Content Management System (CMS) is used to manage the web content allowing multiple contributors to create, edit and publish. It is stored in a database and displayed in a presentation. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) deals with the practices, strategies and technologies which companies uses to manage and analyse customer interactions and data with goal of improving customer service relationships.

Business Process Automation System is a technology which uses automation for complex business processes which improves service quality and service delivery. Company-Facing/Customer-Facing Web portals are tools which allow you to get information in a self-service manner. A customer facing web portal means a particular customer has access to it.

Paperless office: Digitization is a process which converts documents or paper into digital form. Paperless office is mainly a term which includes the use of paper is limited or eliminated. E-commerce/Online Store-app Membership Site.

Custom applications help in the managing of the data of an organization’s sales, marketing, security and customer support facets. Custom applications offers various reporting tools and packages which help you track of essential business data. We don’t have to invest more in it but we can pay only for what we use to store data you don’t need to invest much in custom applications.

Custom integrated platforms which combine data from different sources providing a customized view of the combined data of the different integrated platforms. The benefits of having a pre-integrations reduces a lot of headaches.