Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google. In addition to its availability in mobile phones and tablets, it is also applicable to Android TV, an Android Auto for cars and in wrist watches.

Like every other business, the road to the business of android was also difficult it was getting tougher to look out for funds. With time android has adapted various new techniques which have increased their game.

Android has been continuously developing the best versions and focussing on bug fixes. Android has developed versions alphabetically based on desserts which have attracted many people.

iOS is a mobile operating system created by Apple. iOS can be operated only in iPhone, iPad, and iPod. The demand for iOS increases substantially with time. ios have been focussing mainly on making the life of consumers easy with the help of technology.

iOS has set up major standards in various apps when it comes to the advancement of technology. When it comes to security iOS has introduced major security options be it fingerprinting or face recognition.

Singapore has major demand of android as most of the southeast Asian countries opt for Android as compared to iOS Singapore being one of them. What makes people choose android more is its basic features at the really economical price. Apart from being economical, the people of Singapore are more in favor of android because it is user-friendly.

Here are the stats of ios operated in the year 2018: 

Here is the data of android usage in the year 2018:

The number of people using smartphones is increasing every year. And the ratio of Android users has always been greater than iOS users. Android is more common in Singapore because it is affordable in masses to people whereas ios targets only to specific people and it has to access to only high-end apple users.

If we fetch out the reports even today 43% of the world population uses android whereas one in 5 people use iOS. The biggest advantage for Android is that it has not tied only to a single device whereas IOS is accessible only in iPhone. iOS has limited its margin in various aspects and setting the price range which is totally not affordable to middle- class people is also a major drawback.

Also when it comes to paid apps there is a major difference in both OS let’s see why

There are major apps in iOS which are not free and iOS users also do the payments. Because of this, kind of barrier is created whereas in Android most of the apps are free of cost which makes it more popular among common people. Most of the Singaporeans cannot afford and maintain IOS so android is the only option for them.

Apart from economical price android provides all the modern features. Various stylish mobile phones are adapting android so technically people are nowadays getting the experience of iOS at an economical price so people are nowadays preferring Android over iOS.

Also, android app develops at an economical price compared to iOS so this is another reason why iOS is expensive. Also android focuses much more on marketing as compared to iOS because iOS doesn’t market their product much as compared to android.

Android and iOS strategize their marketing in totally opposite directions as they have a totally different set of audiences. As everyone knows it is quite expensive to build an app and to make it free of cost is not affordable and easy, so android has many free apps but has premium plans with a specific amount. In this way, even developers won’t face loss and customers or users are also satisfied but this doesn’t go the same with iOS, iOS does not provide this type of feature.

As said earlier Singaporeans prefer android over iOS. Also, certain Android apps are too good at functioning which are available only in android supporting devices so people prefer android over iOS.

According to experts at Techddy , Android will remain the market leader. Still one cannot predict future.

The number of iOS users has increased compared to previous years so it is quite possible that iOS would take over the market in Singapore.