Android, a mobile operating system is developed by Google. The primary use of Android is in the touch screen mobile phones and tablets. It is also available for android televisions and android cars.

With the adoption of Android in mobile phones, they are available with Google Chrome, Google search, Gmail, Google Play. Nowadays one of the most commonly used operating systems in the world is Android.

Android supports numerous applications in the smartphone thus making life more advanced and comfortable for its users. Android was first launched in the year 2003. Android versions get updated regularly as per the need of its users. Mobile companies that use Android as the operating system are Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, HTC, Lenovo, Micromax, Huawei, Sony and many more. Android has alphabetically developed versions which denote sweet food items like KitKat, jellybean, lollipop, gingerbread and the latest is marshmallow with M version.

IOS is also a mobile operating system developed by Apple. But unlike Android, it can be used only in iPhone, iPad, and iPod. IOS mainly has focused mainly on branding. Because not everyone can afford to buy IOS operating devices. This way, Apple has focused on targeting an only a specific class of people.

The hardware used in the IOS operating system is different from that of Android and so it does not allow iPhone to perform a function like Android phone or to connect with any of the Android mobile phones.

IOS has developed advanced features through technology that Android finds difficult to match. It has set standards for security purpose and has called the best for providing top-notch security. It is based on the Mac OS X Operating system for desktop and laptop computers. The appearance of the iPhone is a lot different than android and it had first given the feature of face recognition and fingerprint.

Even IOS has introduced various versions till date and with that, it keeps on including new features in the iPhone besides remodeling its shape and size. A few years back iphone was of the size of a normal mobile phone but today it is known for being the slimmest phone among all the smartphones.

It is found that people in Brunei prefer using Android rather than IOS due to many obvious reasons like Heavy costs, high maintenance and not user-friendly.

IOS has many exclusive apps built for iPhone or Ipad users only this sometimes makes it less consumer-friendly. It was found that the use of Ios was considered much more at the beginning of the year compared to the ending of the year. Also, the demand substantially increased while new software were updated.

Here is the stat which shows the development of IOS in 2018:

Meanwhile, Android’s growth in the year 2018 has been uniform. People in Brunei prefer using Android because of its economic value and consumer-friendly options. When it comes to glamor nowadays mobile phones operating android is giving tough competition to the iPhones. So technically there is now no major difference between Android and IOS which makes customers invest in products which are in their budget.

Here is the stat which shows the development of IOS in 2018:

According to reports at Techddy it was found that the number of Android users are growing with the development of new software. Oreo version of Android has by far been the most successful one.

IOS has one major disadvantage compared to Android it does not support the wide range of applications it is limited to certain apps only while Android supports various apps.

Though in many aspects Android is trying to imitate IOS which raises a question and sometimes there seems steaming competition.

Both Android and IOS are growing rapidly. One cannot predict which one is going to overtake the market. Let’s see what happens in the future.